Latest CSS Templates - 2021 for Siberian Apps

We are going to launch many CSS Templates as per latest and modern app design trends of 2021.

(1) Modern Gradient / Box Shadow concept 

(2) Neumorphism concept 

(3) Glassmorphism concept

We know that almost of you or your users aren't familiar with CSS, so we will provide you CSS codes which you or your users can edit very easily.

We will try to include the whole feature / module in one template. Many modules are of multi-pages modules like My Account feature has different pages Login Page, Registration Page, Forgot Password Page etc.

We will use CSS Variables throughout the whole template. (Suppose you want to change button background color for all pages of My Account feature, then you just need to change the color code at single place only.) We will provide all the CSS Variables at the starting of the code, so that you can change the color code or customize it very easily.

We will also provide you a JSON URL for each template, so that you can directly import it to our CSS Codes Collection Module.

Pricing Model:

(1) Per Template Based

(2) One time payment, Lifetime All Templates Access Membership 

Note: Those who are interested in taking a membership, Kindly contact us at

Here we will cover popular layouts and below listed most useful app features / modules: 

(1) Booking

(2) Calendar

(3) Catalog

(4) Contact

(5) Classified

(6) Commerce Pro

(7) Marketplace

(8) E-menu

(9) X-Delivery

(10) Places

(11) Folder v2

(12) My Account

(13) Links

(14) Discount

(15) Loyalty Card

(16) Padlock

(17) RSS Feed